In our quest for optimal health and wellness, we often explore various avenues to detoxify our bodies and rejuvenate our spirits. One such method gaining traction in recent times is water fasting. With the likes of boxing promoter Eddie Hearn and social influencer Eddie Abbew choices of doing it most recently. This ancient practice has been revered for its potential to cleanse the body, promote healing, and renew vitality. In this blog, we delve into the depths of water fasting, exploring what it entails, how to embark on this journey, and the remarkable benefits it offers, especially when coupled with the use of a copper bottle like Paani.

water fast with paani

What is Water Fasting?

Water fasting initiates a cascade of physiological changes within the body that promote repair and rejuvenation on multiple levels. When we abstain from food intake, the digestive system is given a break from its continuous workload, allowing it to redirect energy and resources toward other essential functions. This metabolic shift triggers a state of autophagy, a cellular cleansing process in which the body identifies and removes damaged or dysfunctional components, including proteins, organelles, and even entire cells.

As the body enters this heightened state of repair, it begins to break down stored fat and glycogen for energy, providing a sustainable fuel source while sparing vital organs and tissues. Additionally, fasting stimulates the production of ketone bodies, which have been shown to possess anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, further supporting cellular repair and cognitive function.

By eliminating the constant influx of nutrients and metabolic by-products associated with food digestion, water fasting creates an optimal environment for detoxification, allowing the body to expel accumulated toxins and metabolic waste more efficiently. This period of metabolic rest and cellular rejuvenation enables the body to repair damaged tissues, regulate hormone levels, and enhance overall resilience, contributing to improved health and vitality over time.

How to Do It

Embarking on a water fast requires careful preparation and mindful execution. Before starting, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have any underlying health conditions. During the fast, only water is consumed, and it's crucial to drink an adequate amount to stay hydrated and support the body's detoxification processes. Gradually easing into and out of the fast can help minimise discomfort and optimise the benefits.

Benefits of Water Fasting

The benefits of water fasting are multifaceted, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of well-being. By giving the digestive system a much-needed break, water fasting allows the body to redirect its energy towards repair and regeneration. Studies have shown that fasting can promote autophagy, a cellular cleansing process that removes damaged components and supports cellular renewal. This rejuvenating effect extends to various organs and systems, contributing to improved metabolism, enhanced immune function, and increased longevity.

water fasting benefits

Coupled with a Copper Bottle

Incorporating a pure copper water bottle into your water fasting routine can amplify the benefits and honour ancient wisdom passed down through generations. Copper is revered in Ayurveda for its purifying properties and ability to balance the body's doshas. When water is stored in a copper bottle like Paani, it undergoes a natural purification process, as copper ions leach into the water, imparting antimicrobial properties and enhancing its alkalinity. This charged water not only supports hydration during fasting but also aids in detoxification and revitalisation at a cellular level.


Water fasting offers a profound opportunity for self-discovery and renewal, tapping into the body's innate ability to heal and thrive. By embracing this ancient practice and harnessing the purifying power of water stored in a copper bottle, we embark on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness, aligning with the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and honouring the body's natural rhythms.

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