We’re thrilled that we reached another milestone with our handcrafted Paani Copper Water bottles getting featured in Mens Health UK.

What is Men's Health UK?

Men's Health is the UK’s #1 magazine for men, designed to help you get fit and transform your life. Every issue brings together invaluable workout strategies from some of the best personal trainers in fitness, revitalising nutrition advice direct from top experts in healthful eating habits, inspiring interviews with successful body-building pros – not forgetting a host of other incredible tips!

Mens health magazine, featured Paani copper water bottlePaani water bottle featured into Mens Health magazine UK


Without proper hydration, a person's body won't be able to function as it should and their health can suffer. That's why it's so important for us all to stay on top of our hydration levels and ensure that we're drinking enough water each day. With our handcrafted Copper Water Bottles, you can guarantee you are getting clean, fresh tasting copper infused water wherever you go. Plus, copper has been known to have properties that can help reduce inflammation in the joints and boost energy levels and immunity too making an ideal companion on your daily journey towards wellbeing! Rest assured, our Paani Copper Bottles are not only backed by Ayurvedic beliefs but also scientifically tested and proven to kill 99.99% bacteria. More on this can be seen via here .


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